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Frankenstein (World Premiere Recording)

Mark Baron, Jeffrey Jackson
Frankenstein (World Premiere Recording)


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In this stage adaptation of Frankenstein, authors Mark Baron, Jeffrey Jackson, and Gary P. Cohen have sought to create a work that was uniquely faithful to Shelley's original novel while offering a bold, new experience for modern theater audiences. To do so, they have broken many of the conventions of musical theater to re-imagine the classic allegory as a "memory play" in which time and space are fluid, and in which people and places come instantly alive in the mind of the story's protagonist, Victor Frankenstein--and vanish just as quickly. The result is a thrilling "mindscape" that brings the timeless myth of Frankenstein to life as never before.
Track Listing
1. Act 1. Prelude
2. Act 1. A Golden Age
3. Act 1. Find Your Way Home / A Golden Age (Part 2)
4. Act 1. Amen
5. Act 1. Birth To My Creation
6. Act 1. 1:15 A.M.
7. Act 1. Dear Victor / Burn The Laboratory
8. Act 1. The Hands of Time
9. Act 1. Your Father's Eyes
10. Act 1. The Creature's Tale (Part 1)
11. Act 1. The Waking Nightmare
12. Act 1. The Creature's Tale (Part 2)
13. Act 1. The Music of Love
14. Act 1. The Creature's Tale (Part 3)
15. Act 1. Why?
16. Act 1. The Proposition
17. Act 2. A Happier Day
18. Act 2. The Modern Prometheus
19. Act 2. Another Like Him
20. Act 2. The Workings of The Heart
21. Act 2. An Angel's Embrace
22. Act 2. The Workings of The Heart (Reprise)
23. Act 2. These Hands
24. Act 2. The Chase
25. Act 2. Coming of The Dawn
26. Act 2. Amen