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Joe Iconis

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Produced By: Joe Iconis, Ian Kagey, and Charlie Rosen
Recorded and Mixed by Ian Kagey
Executive Produced by Randi Zuckerberg
Additional Engineering By: Gloria Kaba, Jesse String, Ethan Kaufman, and Brett Mayer
Additional Editing by: Angie Teo and Neal Shaw
Archie's All-American" Produced by Brent Stranathan and Ian Kagey
"Flesh and Bone (The Robot's Song)" Produced by Herediavision and Ian Kagey
Assistant Engineers: Matthew Sullivan, Matthew Soares, Ben Miller, Regina Averion, Nikki Grande, Michael Hickey, Teng Chen, and Henry Reinach
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano, Zampol Productions NYC
Orchestrations by Charlie Rosen
Music Director / Copyist Danielle Gimbal
Choir Arrangement by Joel Waggoner
"Him Today, Gone Tomorrow" from Manifest Pussy by Shakina Nayfack
Recorded at: Power Station at BerkleeNYC
Additional Recording at: The Village Studios and MSR Studios
Recording dates: March – October 2021
Album Design: Rob Carmichael, Seen Studios
Album Photographer: Marques Wells

Featuring Tia Allen, Philippe Arroyo, Nick Blaemire, Amara Brady, Heidi Blickenstaff, Emily Borromeo, Liz Lark Brown, Danny Burstein, Kerry Butler, Gerard Canonico, Harrison Chad, Bill Coyne, Katrina Rose Dideriksen, Seth Eliser, Badia Farha, Amina Faye, Andrew Barth Feldman, Alexandra Ferrara, Jasmine Forsberg, Nick Frenay, Danielle Gimbal, Annie Golden, Alan H. Green, Molly Hager, Bill Hayes, Josh Henderson, Matt Hinkley, Joe Iconis, James Jackson Jr. , Danny Jonokuchi, Ian Kagey, Dennis Michael Keefe, Geoffrey Ko, MK Lawson, L Morgan Lee, Lorinda Lisitza, Susan Mandel, Lauren Marcus, Grace McLean, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Eric William Morris, John-Andrew Morrison, Jeremy Morse, Shakina Nayfack, Jimmy O’Connell, Lavinia Pavlish, Josh Plotner, Andrew Rannells, Destinee Rea, José Restrepo, Krysta Rodriguez, Rob Rokicki, Will Roland , Charlie Rosen, Mike Rosengarten, Lance Rubin, George Salazar, Jackie Sanders, Brooke Shapiro, Kyra Sims, Jordan Stanley, Brent Stranathan, Jason Tam, Taylor Trensch, Aaron Tveit, Jason Veasey, Joel Waggoner, Marques Walls, Stephen Webber, Tatiana Wechsler, Jared Weiss, and Jason SweetTooth Williams.

1. Album – Joe Iconis, Joe Iconis & Family
2. The Answer – Aaron Tveit
3. Ammonia – Heidi Blickenstaff
4. Archie’s All-American – Andrew Barth Feldman
5. Lydia’s Song – Lauren Marcus
6. The Protector – Jason SweetTooth Williams
7. Kevin – Andrew Rannells
8. Jeff – Jeremy Morse
9. 64 – Alan H. Green, George Salazar, José Restrepo
10. Play the Princess – Destinee Rea, L Morgan Lee
11. The Actress – Katrina Rose Dideriksen
12. The Song – Joe Iconis
13. All the Mistakes that He Made About the Girl – Joe Iconis
14. Yesterdays / I Can’t Relate – Jason Tam, Jason Veasey
15. Building A Fort – Harrison Chad
16. Haddonfield, 15 Years Later (For Judith) – Jared Weiss, Joe Iconis & Family  
17. Sympathy for the Killer – Liz Lark Brown
18. Helen Sharp – Lorinda Lisitza
19. The Nurse and the Addict – Taylor Trensch, Joe Iconis & Family
20. Out of Sight / Out of Mind – Krysta Rodriguez
21. The Saddest Girl in the World – Kerry Butler
22. Norman – Lance Rubin
23. Run Away from You – Jason SweetTooth Williams
24. The Prisoner’s Christmas Song – Grace McLean
25. Right Place / Wrong Time – Eric William Morris, Katrina Rose Diderikson
26. 52 – Danny Burstein, Joe Iconis & Family
27. A Guy that I’d Kinda Be Into – Seth Eliser
28. Joey is a Punk Rocker – Annie Golden
29. Social Worker – Nick Blaemire
30. I Was a Teenage Delinquent! – Lauren Marcus, Molly Hager, Joe Iconis & Family
31. (Do) The Slide Whistle – Jordan Stanley, Lance Rubin, Joe Iconis & Family
32. Muthers R Speshel (When Yer Sad) – Lin-Manuel Miranda, Joe Iconis & Family
33. My Best Friend’s a Skeleton – George Salazar, Jeremy Morse
34. Velociraptor – Liz Lark Brown
35. Him Today, Gone Tomorrow – Shakina Nayfack
36. Starting to Forget – Badia Farha
37. Tightrope Walker / Mountain Climber / Me – Molly Hager
38. Flesh and Bone (The Robot’s Song) – Jason SweetTooth Williams, Joe Iconis & Family
39. Party Hat – Lauren Marcus, Eric William Morris
40. Amphibian – Will Roland, Joe Iconis & Family
41. It’s All Good – Jason Tam, Nick Blaemire, Lance Rubin, Jason SweetTooth Willaims
42. Find the Bastard – Eric William Morris, Joe Iconis & Family
43. Last on Land - Jason SweetTooth Williams, Katrina Rose Dideriksen, MK Lawson, Eric William Morris, Jeremy Morse, Lance Rubin, Joe Iconis & Family
44. Try Again – Joe Iconis