Bright Lights, Big City (Studio Cast Recording)
Paul Scott Goodman

Bright Lights, Big City (Studio Cast Recording)

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On the 20th Anniversary of Jay McInerney's novel, Sh-K-Boom Records released a star-studded recording of Paul Scott Goodman's rock-&-roll opera, Bright Lights, Big City. Bright Lights, Big City is a powerfully revealing expose of the times and tensions of a poignant time in our history. It was a time when the boundaries of madness and enlightenment were often blurred by the fast and loose pace of the 80's. "This story has remained a modern classic read by millions. Its humanity is just as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, and Paul's musical truthfully captures the voices, era and the soul that is Bright Lights, Big City." Kurt Deutsch, Sh-K-Boom Records "I read Bright Lights, Big City in the summer of '96. The immediate connection I felt with the novel was obviously tied in with my own arrival in NYC from Scotland in '84 coupled with my intimate experience of toilet stalls, narcotics and getting fired. Beyond that however, the story dealt with love and loss and seemed to me intensely human." Paul Scott Goodman, writer and composer. "Bright Lights, Big City remains one of the closest shows to my heart. I was surrounded by incredible people in both the original production and in the recording. Everyone can relate to the character of Jamie grappling with his past, scared of his future, destroying the present. But it's a hopeful ending, and one that can finally be listened to on demand! Patrick Wilson