Cole Porter's You Never Know
Cole Porter

Cole Porter's You Never Know

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Ghostlight Records has re-released the 2001 World Premiere Recording of Cole Porter's You Never Know in digital formats.
You Never Know is set in Paris in the heady days of 1929 just before the stock market crash. It takes place one evening in Baron Rommers elegant penthouse suite at the Hotel Ritz. Baron Rommer (Harry Groener) and his Butler, Gaston (David Garrison), switch roles so that the Butler can pursue a woman he believes is a Lady of a much higher class. It turns out that the Lady (Kristin Chenoweth) is actually a Maid, in the same class as the Butler. To further complicate matters, shes the servant to a high society figure, Mme. Baltin (Donna McKechnie) who has captured the Barons heart. Rounding out the cast are Herr Baltin (Guy Haines), the requisite jealous husband and Ida (Angela Teek), a Josephine Baker-like actress headlining at the Folies Bergere. It is all singing, dancing, and slamming doors and a happy romantic ending.
1. Overture - Band
2. By Candlelight - Harry Groener & David Garrison
3. Lets Not Talk About Love - David Garrison
4. Im Going In For Love - Kristin Chenoweth
5. Im Back In Circulation - Angela Teek with David Garrison
6. From Alpha To Omega - Kristin Chenoweth & David Garrison

7. Entracte - Band
8. What Shall I Do? - Kristin Chenoweth with David Garrison & Harry Groener
9. Lets Misbehave - David Garrison & Kristin Chenoweth
10. I Happen To Be In Love - David Garrison & Harry Groener
11. From Alpha To Omega (Reprise)/Act II Finale Kristin Chenoweth, Harry Groener & David Garrison

12. Entracte - Band with Harry Groener
13. You Never Know - Donna McKechnie
14. What Is That Tune? - Harry Groener & Donna McKechnie
15. At Long Last Love - Harry Groener
16. Ridin High - David Garrison & Kristin Chenoweth
17. By Candlelight (Reprise)/Finale Ultimo - Kristin Chenoweth, David Garrison, Harry Groener, Guy Haines, Donna McKechnie & Angela Teek