Daniel McDonald 'True Love'
Daniel McDonald

Daniel McDonald 'True Love'

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When my husband, Broadway actor Daniel McDonald, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor he and I made a list of things we wanted to make sure our children would have long after he was gone. We hoped for the best and prepared for the unthinkable. Our son, Fosco was four years old, and our daughter, Ondina was only sixteen months old. It takes a great deal of courage to fight a terminal illness, but it takes even greater courage to come to terms with the imminent loss of one's own life. It's not about giving up - as some might think. It's about living every moment you have left with grace and dignity, and about considering the fate of those you are leaving behind. That is when relationship can be strengthened, and heartfelt goodbyes can happen. It is thanks to this courage that Daniel was able to leave so many precious gifts for our children. Caring letters, video recordings, and special presents with loving notes to be unwrapped later in the years. I hope that this can be a source of inspiration and comfort to all of us whose lives were touched by Daniel, but also to anyone who has had to grieve the loss of a special loved one.
This Album was recorded three months before Daniel passed away. It is a love letter in songs a gift of memory from a father to his children an act of true love. Mujah Maraini-Melehi Daniel McDonald was an extraordinarily talented and charismatic theatre force, whose kindness and sensitivity to those he loved and who loved him was indescribable. It is his voice in certain songs that Fred and I wrote that I will always hear in my head. For Mujah, his children and those of us who continue to grieve his loss, this album has special resonance. John Kander proceeds from the sales of True Love go to Team Continuum.

A very special thank you to Paul Nicholls, founder of Team Continuum and a cancer survivor himself. Paul is a truly special man who is doing truly special work through his organization. His support of cancer patients and their families, who are ultimately cancer survivors themselves, is an act of great compassion and generosity. He has extended his help to us when we needed it most. The first thing he asked me when we met was "what does your family need RIGHT NOW"no endless paperwork, no waiting time. Paul understands that when someone gets diagnosed with cancer it does not only affect the family emotionally, it disrupts it financially with no end in sight. Paul understands a patients' Immediate needs.

We wanted to give back to Team Continuum because I know where the money raised is going: It's going straight to the families when they need it the most. Not to the labs, not to the doctorsto the families. We were one of those families. Without Paul there would be no Team Continuum. His wife Diana once told me that his dream was to be Santa Claus. Paul, you are that and more! You have helped make this world a better one, because THERE'S MORE TO CANCER THAN FINDING A CURE. Thank you to all the family, friends and fans who have made contributions to Team Continuum in Daniel's name after he passed.