Mandy Gonzalez 'Fearless' (EP)
Mandy Gonzalez

Mandy Gonzalez 'Fearless' (EP)

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FEARLESS is the remarkable debut solo album of vocal sensation Mandy Gonzalez. The album represents the soul and passion that have propelled Mandy to the top stages of New York, starring in hits like In the Heights, Wicked, and her current role as Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton.

For this special seven-track album, Mandy delivers new, original songs from some of the most accomplished writers in the music industry. The album begins with the stirring title track written for Mandy by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The single, "Fearless," tells the story of never giving up and captures the ethos that we can all live our dreams through fortitude and persistence.

The album features "Everyday," an inspiring song from Pulitzer-winner Tom Kitt about the importance of starting each day anew and fresh. "Life Is Sweet" is a riveting song by Jennifer Nettles and Bill Sherman about the importance of resiliency and perspective, sung poignantly as a duet with Christopher Jackson - as Mandy and Chris rekindle their magic from In the Heights.

Bill Sherman, who produced the album, and fellow collaborators also bring captivating songs about how courage and opportunity "Starts Right Now" and a transcending desire to see our loved ones "Smile".

Mandy adds a seductive, bluesy remake of the classic "Que Sera, Sera" and a new, intimate version of her signature song, "Breathe," written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In a time when it is easy to see our differences and our obstacles, Fearless is a welcome reminder that nothing is more powerful than the human spirit. As Mandy and Lin remind us in the title track, we should never be afraid to "begin again."

In the principles of the Fearless Squad, a movement for positivity started by Mandy with her fans, it is on each of us to be bold, pick each other up, embrace our differences ... and be Fearless.

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1. Fearless (written by Lin-Manuel Miranda)
2. Starts Right Now (written by Zack Berkman & Bill Sherman)
3. Que Sera, Sera (written by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans)
4. Life Is Sweet featuring Christopher Jackson (written by Jennifer Nettles & Bill Sherman)
5. Everyday (written by Tom Kitt)
6. Smile (written by Zack Berkman & Bill Sherman)
7. Breathe (written by Lin-Manuel Miranda)