FANGIRLS (World Premiere Cast Recording) Digital Album
Yve Blake

FANGIRLS (World Premiere Cast Recording) Digital Album

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FANGIRLS follows the uproarious story of Edna, a plucky misfit scholarship girl who believes that she alone can win the heart of the world’s biggest pop star; Harry. Sure, he has 38 million other fans, but for Edna, that’s merely a hurdle. Because there’s nothing she won’t do to prove to Harry that she’s the one.

No, really: nothing.

With a dazzling cast, inexhaustibly witty dialogue, and heart-pumping, infectious songs, it’s an ode to love that smashes all generational generalizations. Whether or not you’ve ever been a fangirl/boy it will move you and leave you with an involuntary ear-to-ear grin.

FANGIRLS creator Yve Blake is fascinated by the way that society can see a mob of screaming fans as “embarrassing”, if they’re female, and at a pop concert, but “passionate”, if they’re male, and at a footy match. She set out to write the show she wished her 14-year-old self could have seen: a comedy all about the ways that the world tries to convince young women that they’re not as worthy as their brothers.


1.     Let Them

2.     Nobody 

3.     Wait and See

4.     Feels So True 

5.     Set You Free 

6.     The Announcement 

7.     Actually Dead 

8.     Got No Chill 

9.     Don’t Exist 

10.  Night of Our Lives 

11.  The Reveal 

12.  Concert Medley 

13.  Nobody (Acoustic) 

14.  Panic 

15.  Become Brand New 

16.  Life or Death (Actually Dead Reprise) 

17.  Disgusting 

18.  Brave Thing 

19.  Justice 

20.  Silly Little Girl 

21.  The Woods 

22.  Nobody (Reprise) 

23.  Maybe We’re More